The Transportation of Values ​​service carried out by us is carried out entirely by armed and uniformed Special Security Guards, some in possession of a “long weapon” license and with many years of experience in the sector, constantly updated through operational technical training as required by the Ministerial Decree 269/2010.

The activities are carried out using vans and trucks owned by the Institute equipped with the highest security and advanced armor plating equipment such as Spuma Block, anti-cut sheets, anti-firing sensors and more. The vehicles are all equipped with a high-tech GPS system, geo localized by the Operations Center in real time.

The value transport services are addressed and requested by different types of customers such as credit institutions, large retailers, private companies, goldsmiths and goldsmiths refineries or other precious materials and all companies that need the transfer of valuable items such as credit cards. , fuel cards, holograms, watermarks, patents and sensitive materials.

The values ​​transported and stored are fully covered by our insurance policy stipulated with Lloyd’s.


Fixed guards are divided into two categories:

Static when the service requires the presence of one or more Special Security Guards in uniform, armed and protected with bulletproof vests, equipped with radio equipment in constant connection with the Operations Center during parking and access control and assigned areas.

If the service is required for entire perimeters, the activity is supported by special video surveillance systems.

Dynamic when the service requested by the Customer provides for the surveillance of more sensitive targets by passing and / or stopping by the Sworn Special Guard.

The timing of the activity is planned based on the duration requested by the Client for each individual control point.


Security Transport Srl provides a tailor-made armed escort service, for accompaniment and personalized, continuous or on request protection for certain circumstances where the use of professional supervisory resources, trained in prevention and intervention in defense of the Client’s assets is necessary .

The Surveillance Division and the Security Transport Technological Division work together to ensure maximum service safety, with discretion and efficiency.

The standard service first of all envisages taking over the delivery of valuables or sensitive documentation and transporting them to their intended destination or escorting the company.

It is carried out by a Security Transport patrol, with one or more uniformed and armed security guards on board, and ends with the delivery of valuables or sensitive material at the destination designated by the Customer.

The service is particularly suitable for goldsmith companies, auction houses, museums, arms manufacturers, software houses, credit institutions, etc.


All the services offered to our customers
Supervisory activity
Day and night surveillance activities
Assistance and collaboration for customers who need to transit through the Swiss Confederation
National and International Services
Possibility of accessing the safety areas of the main Lombard Airports
Transport for third parties
Unlimited national and international transport for third parties
Waste Transport
Collection and transport of special non-hazardous waste.

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Security Transport Srl guarantees its services both in Italy and abroad, being in possession of the unlimited national and international transport license for third parties.

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